Thursday, 27 October 2011

Ever Widening Circles

What transpires in the studio always echos what is happening outside.  Circular investigations, conflict, discovery, resolution etc 
The western notion of problem/solution/resolution or beginning/middle/end or reading the world and history from left to right... I’m not sure that I function like that.
It sometimes feels as though I am constantly trying to figure the same things out over and over again.  Looking back at old journals, it is apparent that the same  themes and questions have been plaguing me since I was 12 years old. These questions may be the same but I am experiencing them in ever differing ways through the lens of whatever my current reality is.
Evolution is slow.  So am I.
Along the way, new perspectives colour my experience and my understanding of things.  New bits of information and learning are added to the equation.  The questions may be the same but the answers are growing.  
So perhaps I am not going forward or backwards. 
Not moving in a linear trajectory. 
I think that I move in ever widening circles.  These circles are somehow all connected.
And when death comes, my circles will be infinite.  
For Tim Olsen

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  1. Have you ever noticed that as waves emanate out from a point, (the source, you, the beginning.....) that they sometimes collide with an obstacle (an event, a person, a challenge, an education) and refract or reflect back towards or across the point from whence they came, and the point of creation has to renegotiate the waves that itself created.



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