Sunday, 27 October 2013

Walk The Line

Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne 29 October - 16 November 2013

The paintings in this exhibition were born from a series of walks up “Mother’s Hill”, a steep and majestic prominence overlooking Lake George and the town of Bungendore in NSW. The panoramic views were beautiful but my eye was captured by the lurid yellow lichen on the branches of acacias, the smooth white trunks of Maniferas, the tangled lines of fallen tree limbs and the gigantic, precariously stacked boulders that sat like sentinels, guarding something mysterious and precious.Walking alone, being away, making drawings and experiencing the sounds and sensations of the bush. The slow decent of quietness as the concerns of daily life start to fall away and a feeling of focused alertness begins to prevail. An exploration and interaction between human and nature. These are abstract paintings. They are informed by a place but are more to do with an exploration of internal spaces. Memories of landscape and place and the people that have inhabited them. A process of exploration; of thinking, of paint, of being.

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