Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Brunswick Heads

I am living in town.  After many years of being in the country, it is good to have people around me again.  Cars driving past, children in the street, people living their lives, behind the lighted windows of their homes.  
Tonight, as I sat on my front veranda, I could see a woman walking to and fro in her apartment across the road.  She seemed to be floating backwards and forwards across her room.  Perhaps she was dancing or listening to music.  I liked knowing that she was there.  Like me, inhabiting her own space, doing her thing, imagining her own stories and dreams.  Perhaps one day I will meet her as she puts out her garbage and I will say hello.  A brief greeting will perhaps connect us for a moment in time.
An American man knocked on my door this evening to tell me that my car lights were on.
The other day my children came home from a birthday party.  They were given these beautiful bubble wands as parting gifts.  We wandered around town together and they were continually creating these streams of beautiful rainbow coloured bubbles. They glided down the streets, into cafes and across the paths of pedestrians.  Everyone that saw these  temporal rainbow spheres smiled and commented. I overheard a man we passed talking on his mobile phone telling someone that:
 “ There are these kids blowing bubbles.  They are filling the whole street.”
 It was a beautiful thing.  Just for a moment, my children brought a little magic into the hearts of strangers.
For now, I don’t need Sydney, New York or Roma.  Brunswick Heads is just right.

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